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We believe that the best way to approach health care is to look at the whole patient to achieve optimal physical and mental health through cost-effective, evidence-based, and responsive care. Our caring team is responsive to patient needs and is sensitive to individual beliefs and personal values.

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Bates, Miller & Sims is a full-service practice of Family Medicine that includes obstetrics, pediatrics, family medicine, and gynecology. It has been serving Lincoln County and the surrounding areas since 1972 when Dr. Bates started seeing patients in a small trailer. He included delivering babies for his first two years in practice before stopping OB care.

Dr. Miller started solo family practice in 1985. He had a special interest in obstetrics and reopened and redesigned the labor and delivery unit at Fort Logan Hospital. It became the first birthing center in the state of Kentucky. Family-centered childbirth proved to be very popular with patients, and his practice grew quickly. He was among the first doctors in the area to hire a nurse practitioner and subsequently a physician assistant to help care for all his patients.

Dr. Sims joined the practice in 2000 and also had a similar love for obstetrics and pediatrics. In 2005, Dr. Bates joined his practice with Drs. Miller & Sims. In 2008, Drs. Miller & Sims helped design the present Birthing Spa located in the new EM-FLH. The three physicians have over 90 years of practice experience. They are now assisted by 4 PAs and 3 NPs, including two (2) who practice midwifery. All work together, providing quality healthcare to people of all ages.

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Our Providers

Learn more about our network of family physicians, family nurse practitioners, obstetricians, and physician assistants.


Offering both obstetrics and gynecology services specializing in pregnancy and female reproductive health. We provide a wide range of procedures for women’s health.


Child wellness check-ups can be scheduled annually or situationally. Our pediatric doctors and staff are available for your children when they are sick, and when they are well.


Bates, Miller, & Sims promotes cost-effective, whole-body health and midwifery services throughout Stanford, KY., providing the best medical care possible.


We welcome walk-ins and are open convenient hours to better serve you & your family. We offer a range of non-emergency services for a variety of urgent care conditions.


Bates Miller & Sims offers Chronic Care Management services throughout the Stanford, KY area providing the best medical care possible.


Bates, Miller & Sims obtained federal DOT certification to offer CDL medical exams for a Commercial Driver’s License.