Kids Wellness Services

Kids Wellness Service: Pediatric Care, School Physicals & Sports Physicals

To fulfill the goals of providing care for a lifetime and your whole family, the staff of Bates, Miller, & Sims includes kid wellness exams and physicals for both school enrollment and sports.

 Child wellness check-ups can be scheduled annually or situationally. Our pediatric doctors and staff are available for your children when they are sick and when they are well. We can see your child immediately when you’re in crisis—however, our staff schedules well-child visits, vaccinations, and required physicals when needed.

Pediatric Services

Our pediatric services and kid wellness programs include, but aren’t limited to, the following:

  • Asthma and Allergies: Confirm the symptoms and causes of asthma and allergies for your child. We work with you to confirm the best treatment available.
  • Well Child Exam: Well child exams follow a schedule according to the child’s age. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends frequent visits until the age of three, and then an annual well-child exam annually after that. The purpose of these visits includes illness prevention, growth and development tracking, and the building of trust between a family and their physician.
  • Urgent Care: When your child sustains a non-life-threatening injury or becomes ill, our office serves as pediatric urgent care. This means you see a member of our medical staff right away without an advance appointment.
  • Newborn Care: Our family care extends not only to an expecting mother but to your newborn baby. Newborn care extends from birth through the first month of their life.
  • Health Management: From ADHD to juvenile diabetes, our doctors are prepared to help kids and their parents manage any ongoing health issues.
  • Adolescent Health: Specialty healthcare through adolescence into adulthood from the same family doctor leads to better health outcomes for our patients.

Whatever medical needs your children and the rest of your family have the staff at Bates, Miller and Sims are here to serve. Call for an appointment today! Call (606) 365-1547.

Kids Wellness Providers

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