CDL Medical Exams

DOT Certified CDL Medical Exams

The Waynesburg Clinic staff of Bates, Miller & Sims obtained federal DOT certification to offer CDL medical exams for a Commercial Driver’s License.

Our office works with trucking companies in and around Stanford, Kentucky, to provide drivers with legal and efficient CDL medical exams. These physicals are certified for use to acquire your CDL medical card.

Who needs to acquire a medical exam for their license?

The federal Department of Transportation requires medical certifications for all commercial drivers participating in interstate commerce. If you drive a commercial vehicle regionally or nationally, you must regularly pass a physical medical exam that is submitted. However, if you drive only locally or within the same stage, you may not need it. Be sure and check with your employer and the Department of Transportation on the requirements for your job.

What Does the CDL Exam Involve?

Each exam consists of two sections:

  1. Your physician will work with you to fill out a medical report. This includes information about your medical history, including surgeries, medications, and medical conditions. The process may also have your doctor asking questions to fill in any blanks in your medical history.
  2. The truck driver’s physical exam will include a vital signs check, plus tests of your vision and hearing. 
    (whisper test) along with a urinalysis.
    These results provide enough information for a medical professional to determine if you meet the standards required to maintain a CDL DOT license. A passed DOT physical exam remains effective for two years (or up to 24 months). In some cases, the certification may be issued for under 24 months if the medical exam reveals a condition in need of monitoring, like high blood pressure.

How to Prepare for a CDL Medical Exam

As you prepare for this exam, there are a few things to remember.

  • Continue to take any prescription medication in advance of your appointment.
  • Be sure to have a full bladder so that you can produce a urine sample.
  • You’ll need a valid driver’s license – either commercial or individual.
  • Even if you usually wear contacts, bring along your prescription glasses to the exam.
  • If you are hard of hearing and using hearing aids, don’t leave them at home. You might even bring extra batteries.
  • Gather a complete list of medications from your pharmacy.

Making an appointment with Bates, Miller & Sims at our Waynesburg Clinic couldn’t be easier. We look forward to helping you acquire your CDL today! Call (606) 379-6646.

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